Miss Abbott and the Doctor

Well, this time i want to share you about my fave webtoon. It named Miss Abbott and the Doctor, creates by Maripaz Villar. I love it since the first time i read it. From the sketch, love story-that grew up from quirky moment of snobby doctor and the wild girl in town meet each other and without knowing the built a strong chemistey since then.

It was opened by introduction

hahahahaa.. I know it is very intersting, right. But till the next chapter. It will bring you fun, curious and wonder how and when they will fall to each other. I love how the author worked, how she build the character and the storyline. There are many favorite chapter of mine which shown how emotionally expose of the chemistry and fun from both character.

Even when i read it over and over again, i still can get enough, so i read it over and over again. In my next post will be showing which chapter that i love, actually i love all but there are some chaptee that i always keep it mind and sometime when i remember it, i just smile.


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