You didn’t expect that.

Still reviewing Miss Abbott and the Doctor. This is the first fave chapter i choose. Chapter 7, You didn’t expect that.

It started when Cati who love to dance,

Then she meet Mr. Nero friend of Andreas (the doctor) who terribly-dying-bored of his friend who still work even in the exciting pagent party in town.

After that, Nero asked miss Abbott to companied his friend home with the flower-sprikle-crown on his head as the reward for making the party boring.

In the way home, they bullied each other which i love it as a strong chemistry of them and the way of their communication, flirting but funny.

For Andreas, Cati was a girl who really honest-too honest maybe, she is so spontangeous even about what she is thinking, like how she explain that doctor Marino will be married by the end year if he is looking like that with the flower-crown (it means that he is outstandingly handsome). And as you know he flushes.

​​But, the great thing about this webtoon is unexpected reaction of each other. How they interacted by each other without realizing it.

Yes yes yes, i know you agree with me, it getting deeper and hotter, right? That’s why i love this webtoon. So this is the end of chp 7 (they had been interupted by andreas’s parent coming). For more you can read it on webtoon, which it is posted every saturday. But now it is still in hiatus because the author still build the story strongly and i sure romantically. Cant wait for the wedding. #ups


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