Wonder Woman

Who run the world? GIRLS. That’s what Beyonce says. And i agree with that. And now i want to nominate my fave women in the world who had live fully and give impact to the society. And here is my wonder woman idols

1. Gal Gadot.

Not only beautiful, but also she is smart, strong and humble. It proved when she won the crown as Miss Israel. Well, I dont know the other personality but i am quiet sure she is friendly. And in wonder woman film, doesn’t she look so wonderful?
2. Kate Middleton.

Who doesn’t know her? Ordinary girl become a princess. Sound fairy tale, like cinderella story. But it happen. I love to watch princess’s dairies back then, and still wondering if that might be happen. And yes, few years later. She comes up, with bright smile and personality and humble. From unknown to be well-known

3. Emma Watson.

Smart girl turn into Belle. Hermonie- the curly nerd girl in Harry Potter has turn into a cunning Lady. Beside she has feminist campaign that speak out loud to the entire world. Well, who can’t deny the charisma she had. Beauty-intellegent-talented.

4. Emma Stone.

Who doesn’t know her. The lady of spidy-spiderman. Or maybe you remember her as La La Land, City of stars. And yes indeed, she is the city of star that shine the world with her amazing talent.
5. Lily Colins.

Last but not least, she is the daughter of a famous singer Phil Collins. Grew up as a daughter of top star makes her sparkling even more. Not only that, she prove her talent by acting and also she have been known as her personal-life-dating-style. Hemm, we all know who dating her. But anyway, still i like her. That’s why i put her into my 5th rank of wonder women.